18 April 2009

Living Legends

Last night during a case of what to do, where to go, some friends and I ended up @ the Redbones Blues Cafe to take in some live music. The line up however, was not any ordinary thing, this was a night to behold legends.

Earl "Chinna" Smith [one of the most noted and best guitarists in the reggae recording industry] had us in his hands during a hearftfelt solo. Willie Lindo [veteran producer, guitarist and engineer] was dropping bass worthy of a skank or two. Kiddus I of Rockers fame charmed the stage with his soothing voice and captivating performance. The backing band was like none I've ever seen. The percussionist was in charge of @least three instruments, but whether he was tapping the triangle, or tapping the wind chimes, he made his job seem like the most important out there; so much emotion! The drummers could literally put you in a trance. I've danced w/ actual African drummers, but am more apt to becoming entranced at the hands of a Jamaican drummer...eyes closed, body feeling the boom, and the most! The roots on horns [whose name I didn't get :( ] was phenomenal, standing ovation type stuff. Since you guys missed this great acoustic set, I recorded a bit for you...sorry in advance for the low quality, I do what I can :). Btw, Chinna is the guitarist sitting in all white...and the lighting was that beAutiful orange hue.

Easy Skanking Acoustic Session

Kiddus I 2009

Kiddus I 1976

More about the venue and artists:

Redbones Blues Cafe

Earl "Chinna" Smith

Willie Lindo

Kiddus I


16 April 2009

Home is where the heart is?

Driving around downtown last week I pulled out my camera while parked. Reason being; I noticed what appeared to be homeless kids chilling @ the pier. I gathered that they were homeless b/c they weren't wearing any shoes, and they looked like they were congregating to take their bath in the polluted Kingston Harbour.

The kids, who appeared to be between the ages of 14-18, looked fairly happy. That eased my sadness just a little so I just took pictures of them as discretely as I could. These are the people I want to save...

04 April 2009

Life & Debt... in Jamaica

This documentary, released in 2001 is educational, interesting, and [for me] extremely upsetting. It is an eye opener that you will not regret watching. I will leave my thoughts about the inaccuracies and injustices in the comments section. Enjoy, and please leave your views. :o)

I hope you were enlightened, now lets talk about it...