18 April 2009

Living Legends

Last night during a case of what to do, where to go, some friends and I ended up @ the Redbones Blues Cafe to take in some live music. The line up however, was not any ordinary thing, this was a night to behold legends.

Earl "Chinna" Smith [one of the most noted and best guitarists in the reggae recording industry] had us in his hands during a hearftfelt solo. Willie Lindo [veteran producer, guitarist and engineer] was dropping bass worthy of a skank or two. Kiddus I of Rockers fame charmed the stage with his soothing voice and captivating performance. The backing band was like none I've ever seen. The percussionist was in charge of @least three instruments, but whether he was tapping the triangle, or tapping the wind chimes, he made his job seem like the most important out there; so much emotion! The drummers could literally put you in a trance. I've danced w/ actual African drummers, but am more apt to becoming entranced at the hands of a Jamaican drummer...eyes closed, body feeling the boom, and the most! The roots on horns [whose name I didn't get :( ] was phenomenal, standing ovation type stuff. Since you guys missed this great acoustic set, I recorded a bit for you...sorry in advance for the low quality, I do what I can :). Btw, Chinna is the guitarist sitting in all white...and the lighting was that beAutiful orange hue.

Easy Skanking Acoustic Session

Kiddus I 2009

Kiddus I 1976

More about the venue and artists:

Redbones Blues Cafe

Earl "Chinna" Smith

Willie Lindo

Kiddus I



  1. Hey sis... give thanks for sharing... was a great night :)

  2. Your welcome Sistrens, thanks for the link! Great night indeed.