04 April 2009

Life & Debt... in Jamaica

This documentary, released in 2001 is educational, interesting, and [for me] extremely upsetting. It is an eye opener that you will not regret watching. I will leave my thoughts about the inaccuracies and injustices in the comments section. Enjoy, and please leave your views. :o)

I hope you were enlightened, now lets talk about it...


  1. To keep my rants short I'll use bullets. :o)

    *In the opening scene, the narrator made it seem as if tourists Only visit Montego Bay, and avoid Kingston. False

    *The narrator failed to explain why cardboard boxes are Sometimes seen @ baggage claim. This is b/c you are allowed 2 free pices of checked luggage. If it is over 50 lbs you must pay $US75. If over 70 lbs, the excess must be removed and you can put it in another container or discard it. This "extra" container isn't readily available, so airports sell cardboard boxes for the passengers to transfer the excess. For the 3rd piece, sometimes the available cardboard box, you pay $US125.

    *It is disturbing to know that a 100% organic industry is losing $$$ due to the importation of non-organic foods.

    *The Freezone that was exempt from local taxes was & still is on Jamaican soil.

    ***The smirk on the face of the representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was very annoying.

    Thanks for stopping thru...

  2. I've watched the first 30 minutes of the video and as a Jamaican expatriot, I'm saddened. The representative of the IMF is condescending with his "small economy" comments. There is no sense of having a moral obligation to humanity in his statements, all he sees are dollar signs.

    Many Jamaicans blame the current generations for being lazy as a number of them as turned their backs on farming. Now I see why. Being a farmer under these kinds of economic conditions must be so frustrating.

    I do see a little rainbow in the dark clouds. Organic produce is becoming a "trend", hopefully that will be a trend that impacts Jamaica. Maybe locally produced fruits and vegetables will become more attractive? If even to the small perventage who will be able to afford it?

    I will be back to finish watching.

  3. Thank you Nika for coming by and giving your views. I really hope enough of us will view @ least a part of the video, so it will [hopefully continue to] motivate us to buy Jamaican. There are more disturbing things in the video so prepare to be enlightened even more. I really appreciate your views and the time you took to watch and speak. Thanks alot and see you soon.

    Also you can check out the shorter videos on the page that address other issues. :o)