28 March 2009

Yu a guh laugh til yu belly buss!

Oliver Samuels, Jamaica's #1 reigning comedian, has been gracing film and stages locally and abroad since the early 70s. Often described as Jamaica's Bill Cosby, Samuels brought laughter to many Jamaican homes on Friday evenings w/ his series Oliver At Large. After being on local TV for more than a decade; the series was cancelled and placed into syndication, at which time it began airing overseas in Brooklyn, Miami, and England. Samuels continues his work by touring overseas between spring and summer, and doing stand up locally during the rest of the year.

Hailing from St.Mary, Oliver has been a leader in the community by lending his talents to noteworthy causes like Food For The Poor, Rose Bank All-Age School his alma mater, the Swift Purcell Boys' Home in Claremont, St. Mary and children living with HIV/AIDS.

The clips below are just a small glimpse into his Extensive body of work which can be found on Amazon.com, Fattvideos.com, and other obscure "googleable' websites. I'm confident that you're Really going to enjoy these clips. To my foreign viewers I hope you can decipher the patois :)... and to see the other two parts of this episode leave me a comment and I'll fix it up for you!

Til next time, peAce and walk good...

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  1. Timeless clips, i have this episode on my i-pod as well :)