12 March 2009

Equality = Eventual Peace

So I'm really perturbed today. I woke up w/ the intent to write about self image and love, but was rerouted to the topic of love for others. I watched a clip of a prominent Jamaican who migrated to the US because she felt unsafe in the country of her birth. She is a lesbian who was raped by a dozen men who wanted "to show her what a real man feels like". I posted the clip on another profile and received comments from a lesbian friend, and a straight friend. The dialogue felt healthy initially but in the end I walked away from it feeling like my views weren't heard. There were still derogatory comments made in jest, which negated everything I said, and had the power to offend the lesbian party of the conversation. The "when in Rome" premise was offered up as a statement to let the gays know how to "behave" in certain environs, i.e. Jamaica. Basically; they must act accordingly in order to not bring unwanted attention to themselves, and dare not make us heteros feel uncomfortable. I've lived a life where I've seen varying forms of discrimination, and it seems we go to the bat to chastise racism and classism, while descriminating against things that may not affect us directly. I'm not trying to be Captain Save'em, I'm just trying to bring about change that will allow the children of the world to grow up w/ a little less hatred, and a lot more love.



  1. luv it!!!! it is good to know that others think more on luv and true acceptance rather than just being to fit into the status quo. i pray that you are well and that your blog opens minds and hearts alike.


  2. Awww, thanks Dee. I really appreciate the motivation and thoughts :)

  3. Thanks Mikaelia. I'm really glad that you've incited an open dialogue, which unfortunately took a left turn. However, I'm still thankful for such discussion. I also think that there are folks who never commented that had been informed by those, like yourself, who think before they speak and had written from the heart. -Nicole