24 March 2009

We A Rockers!

Rockers, one of the Best films to ever leave Jamaica's shores was directed by Ted Bafaloukos in 1978. I was introduced to the film 30 years later by a friend, and was ashamed for not knowing it even existed, but I figured...better late than never.
Originally set to be a documentary, it evolved into a film depicting the reggae culture @ it's peak. It captures the true peaceful essence of the Rastafarian culture in the opening of the film, and gradually tells the tale of the emergence of recording industries in Jamaica. Horsemouth, a drummer living in innercity Kingston plans to make some extra money selling and distributing records. He buys a motorcycle to carry them to the sound systems around the island, and the film takes us along that journey.

The beautiful patois spoken by the well noted reggae artists, complimented by the authentic shots of Jamaica, make this movie a classic. "Horsemouth", played by Leroy Wallace was filmed w/ his actual family in his [then] own home to maintain the true essence of the film. Below, is ONE of the hiLarious clips from the movie. I recommend that everyone google it, purchase it, and cherish it while watching w/ your fam, the homies, and the massive and crew. Enjoy!

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