12 March 2010

Seeking Mr. Coke aka Duddus

Ahhh my country. It's amazing how tolerant we are of the criminals who destroy our community from the inside out. Oh that's right, it's because it comes from the top, the government, the root of all evil. PoliTricks just isn't cool, especially when it has the potential to affect everyday citizens who have not a darn thing to do with the foolishness. Oh I'm sorry, what am I rambling about? The fact that the Jamaican Government refuses to hand over Christopher "Duddus" Coke to the US; see the indictment.

Short version, Duddus [who has never touched US soil], is responsible for countless crimes in yard & farin. His dad, Lester Coke aka Jim Brown, was in the same position over 2 decades ago, but the government negated the extradition by making sure he didn't live to be escorted overseas. So basically, Duddus grew up to take over the family business, and proved to be smarter than Jim Brown... The government of Jamaica cannot release Duddus because:
  • if they do, he will sing like a bird and majority of the JLP will be under arrest.
  • if they try to kill him [like they did his father], his lawyers have incriminating documents, to be released in the event of his death. Smart guy...
The government of Jamaica's refusal to release Duddus can affect the non criminal citizens of Jamaica mainly because... Visas will be cancelled and denied. Parliament can verify, as well as cops; both presumably corrupt.

This article sheds a little more light on the matter, and here's a documentary about The Shower Posse for your enlightenment... Leave me feedback, let's talk about this! :)

The Shower Posse

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  1. Wow, that's a nice synopsis. : )

  2. Great analysis! Very informative!

  3. I have nothing much to say on the matter, jus that its a very DEEP whirlpool we're in.

  4. Aww @Levi & @JTD Thanks, I really appeciate it :) Thx for coming thru.

    Kariukiiii, Thx for even coming by to read it rough tops. I appreciate it alot, I know you're not that into blogs. :) We are in a Very deep whirlpool indeed. :/

  5. I guess this is what you call pepperpot. My blood ran cold watching this. The river's head is dirty..don't expect the lower end to be clean. I think the former leaders had the ability to stop the mayhem before it escalated, but no they didn't now the clock is ticking..tik-tok..who is going to squeal or pay the price??

  6. Put it very simple. Nice analysis.

  7. Thx for your input & viewing Laila & Friend, I appreciate you coming thru. People need to see know the truth. Thx again :)

  8. What kills me about this whole situation is the fact that these political leaders that empower these ruthless gangs are not even Jamaican. I mean, at least they don't look like the folks that they lie to and keep impoverished.

  9. What kills me about this situation is that these political leaders that empower these ruthless gangs *ARE* Jamaican. Thx for coming by. Your thoughts are appreciated. :)