11 May 2009

Robert Nesta Marley OM - Rest In Peace

You departed 28 years ago, but your memory lives on in ways you would never imagine. You put Jamaica on the map; you've been dubbed Man of the Millennium, Exodus was the Album of the Century, and One Love the song of the Millennium. You lived your life to the fullest and created quite a legacy to show it. If I could take one thing to live by, out of the many you've uttered...I'll go w/ what you said to Ziggy these 28 years ago; "Money Can't Buy Life". Bless up to the big man, your words will live on....

Redemption Song... my fave :)

Ode to Bob Marley by Mark Johnson...

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds...


  1. RIP, Mr. Marley...
    You are missed, but your soul and music still lives on!

  2. Thats my favorite song too.....hard to say though cause all of bob marleys songs are superb.I just found your site.....I hope you are still blogging cause I like your blog.

  3. I thank you soo much for coming by. I'm sorry for my absence in the blogosphere but I've been away working, and I generally think too hard into doing posts. So if I feel something isn't up to par, I don't post it. :/ I will however get back on my game and do better. Thanks again.